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Ninth International CISS Millennium Conference

Keesing's was delighted to sponsor the conference of the Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section of the International Studies Association in Potsdam, Germany in June, . The conference was held at the Cecilienhof Palace, where the 1945 Potsdam Accord was signed, so the sense of history was all pervasive. The conference was small and friendly and I was made to feel especially welcome by the CISS Section Chair, Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel, who had gathered an impressive range of panelists from universities and organisations around the world, who spoke on themes ranging from energy security to how great powers shape the international system, and from the role of Malta and Cyprus in the EU to globalisation and multipolarity. It was a fascinating event, and I was delighted that so many of the delegates already knew Keesing's through their research.

by Fran Alexander, Editor

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