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Searching more than 75 years of world history


Welcome to Breaking History ™, where we exploit the breadth and depth of the Keesing's archive to put today's breaking news into rich historical context. These free articles provide comprehensive context on breaking stories from around the world, tracing the countless links between the places, people, and events of the last century.

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Each Breaking History article includes a detailed timeline linked to full coverage from the Keesing's 77-year archive. You can use these features to achieve greater understanding of today’s current events in the light of 77 years of history.

For subscribers, the timeline links provide access to original articles from throughout our archive. If you'd like to read them but don't have an account, please visit our sign-up section - full access to the more than 98,000 articles in our archive is available for purchase.

You can read Keesing's Breaking History articles through RSS, and receive notifications whenever we update. To find out more, click here, or choose the RSS icon next to the Breaking History section to which you wish to subscribe.

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