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    Please enter a search term or terms in the box in the upper left hand corner of the page or access your portfolio by clicking on the tab to the right side of the page. Please note - You need to have a user account to access your portfolio

    The simplest way to search the archive is to type a word into the search box and click the arrow or hit "return". The results page will then display summary headlines of all the articles containing that word. These will be sorted in order of publication, the most recent first. You can change this by using the drop down menu below the search box.

    The results page shows results in the order you have chosen with the drop down menu. The arrows at the bottom of the page allow you to access more pages of results.

    You can also search for more than one word. If you simply key two words into the search box, all the articles that contain either word will appear on the results page.

    If you want to exclude a word from the search you can key - to mean NOT. You can use the character * (asterisk) as a wildcard to represent any letters in the search.

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